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IWD NPC: a call for playtesters


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The Icewind Dale NPCs mod introduces a cast of five new characters to the great frozen wastes of the Forgotten Realms, with all the depth you would expect from PPG companions. The mod will transform the Icewind Dale experience into the story of a single, player-defined protagonist, and his or her fully-interactive allies(alternate classes are available).


Each character comes with a new, original portrait, interactions with the PC and each other, and quest commentary and interjections. Romance is also in the bitterly cold air...


The mod is fully ready, and has been tested by two people already. The only missing element is voicework.


If you'd like to play IWD NPC, you can do it right now!


What's the catch?


You have to register at Pocket Plane forums, if you haven't already, and post in this topic:




This willl give you access to the playtesting room - and to the download link! Play to your heart's content, and after you're done, just post in the playtesting room with your impressions.


More about the mod:


Website: http://www.pocketplane.net/iwdnpc

Forum: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php?board=89.0

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