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NPC Beautification Pack installation problem


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I have a truly strange problem. Today I wanted to install Nightmare's NPC Beautification Pack, so I downloaded it from this site.


It links correctly and the file is named correctly, but once I activate the installer it starts installing the Pocketplane group NPC Flirt Pack instead. Which isn't a problem because I already have that one installed too. Just a few minutes before I installed the Beautification pack, actually - which may or may not be a coincidence.


The flirt pack installer is already removed from my desktop, and I tried the other mirrors of the beautification pack. No difference.


What gives?

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It might be a Weidu 203 issue, I had it once, too. Weidu 204 corrects that.


In simple terms, just install something new, like Assassinations or de'Arnise or Angelo or whatever from the IE Modding News, and the installation should go all right after setup program updates itself.

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Nah, it isn't anything like that. It has to do with higher resolutions being broken where they worked before, and colour depth being stuck at 16 bit, regardless of what BGconfig tells me. Pieces of windows XP sticking on to the sides of the screen too, at least until I alt-tab back and forth, but no garbled / no text errors. blah blah. I don't mean to bore anyone.


I had a system crash a couple months ago that forced me to reinstall everything, but I didn't install BG2 until now. So I'm just kinda slowly catching on to the fact that something else isn't working right.

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