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Additional Dialog States?


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Is it the I_C_T3's that have added all of the additional states to dialogs? In particular, I'm looking at THALAN.dlg where the vanilla dialog has 36 states, and with previous versions of BG1NPC the state count went up to 54 or so. Now with BG1NPC15, THALAN.dlg has 70 states.

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Passback lines added to it, yes. It will also hold true for other characters, from Radagast/Ramazith to that slime mage to the east of Nashkel mines, from what I see.


(But, just in case: any dialogue-enhancing mod could and probably will do that, from an expanded quest to an unfinished business-esque component to a romantic encounter; it's possible that other mods will increase the number of states to a hundred and beyond.)

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