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New 'G3 Member Map' Feature


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We've recently added a G3 Member Map feature to the forum software. It allows members to add pins to various world maps (one for each to help give everyone an idea of where they are in a nifty visual format. You can also click on the various pins to pull up profiles of the corresponding members.


Enjoy; if you encounter any problems let me know. The link to the feature has been added to the forum home page, in the 'Moderating Team,' 'Today's active topics,' 'Today's top 10 posters,' and 'Overall top 10 posters' series of links.

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No, really, I am. I decimated my cousin's husband, who was the undisputed Risk Reigning Champion. It was so satisfying to stop his evil cackles and watch his face fall as his troops FELL LIKE COWARDS BEFORE MY WAKE!!!!


Of course, it means that I must never play Risk against him again.

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