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How much XP can you get in BG2?

Guest asker man

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Guest asker man

If you do all the quests and kill all monsters how much XP you think it totals in unmodded BG2: SoA and how much in BG2: ToB?


I was wondering if I install the xp cap remover, how high level Im able to get to my character and how fast without cheating. Assuming I have 6 people in my party.

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In SoA, if you do all of the quests etc., my experience is you hit about 3.000.000 just before the battle at the Tree of Life. so a little over 3 Mil at the final battle.


In ToB, I recall getting up to 6-7 Mil with a regular party.

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My Paladin, running with a party No-Reload:


So, at the end of SoA, This is Hugh:

4,449,198 Exp, Level 22


I only did some of the Watcher's Keep - I only did the first three levels.


But that's every quest I could squeeze in, including almost every NPC quest.


At the end of ToB

7,267,637 Exp, Level 32 going into the battle with Mellisan


I think you can get more, but I didn't spend hours on the Saradush wall.

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Guest EarthquakeDamage

I assume you mean unmodded BG2? Are you accounting for grinding (incl. random encounters, Saradush fire giants, and god knows what else)?


I can't give you numbers (esp. since I only played through unmodded SoA/ToB once many years ago), but if you do allow for grinding then you can reach whatever level you like. Note that there aren't any good opportunities for endless experience in SoA (unless I'm overlooking something obvious). You're pretty much limited to random encounters that offer ~3000-5000 XP each.


In ToB, XP is easy. In Saradush, equip someone with a ranged weapon that doesn't consume ammunition then go stand next to the archers on the walls. The fire giants are worth some 17000 XP each. They can't reach you either.


I think the area outside the fire temple has an endless number of fire giants that arrive two or three at a time. My memory could be wrong, though.

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