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Flooding the Cloakwood Mines


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I was wondering what you people do in the Cloakwood Mines in BG1...


I always thought that flooding the mines was an essential plot element, whether or not you save the slaves. However, seeing this speed run video, and replaying the scene myself today, I noticed that only killing Davaeorn is absolutely necessary for continuing the storyline.


So, do you tend to skip this element (the flooding) or do you always just 'do something with it'?


I'm asking because I want to make the flooding (and the saving/not saving of the slaves) a crucial point in my mod NPC's storyline.

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Well, death by drowning is a horrible, horrible death, so I try not to. But Yeslick does complain if you don't do it. Then again, I never take him along.


Besides, as PC says, it's the only working mine around, as Nashkel ore is tainted.


I always save the slaves, though.

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I've always flooded the mine, but that's just because I thought it was an essential part in making the plot move forward. But now that Kulyok has commented that "it's the only working mine around", I think I'll feel guilty from now on if I do decide to flood it... :suspect:

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I didn't know that it's possible to not flood the mine. It would be cool if the player could take over the mine and start making money on selling the pure ore :suspect: .



BG1 *does* lack strongholds...


Then again, the first time I played through the game, I couldn't help but wonder if one of the developer's relatives or something was a miner....

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Good point about the Strongholds! It might actually be feasible to do something like that in Tutu.


Back to subject, though: I still think the way the whole mine thing works is fishy.


If you don't flood the mine, you never hear anything about the miners you freed either! In other words: you only actually 'free' the miners (gaining 2000 XP and 2 Rep) when you flood the damned thing.


I feel strongly for at least an optional fix that makes the miners escape whether you flood the mines or not, giving you an honest choice between flooding and not flooding.


Perhaps I'll include it in the mod...

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Technically, the transitions are:

1) Telling Gorion you are ready to leave

2) getting a scroll from Mulahey's chest

3) getting a scroll from Tazok's chest

4) killing Daveorn

5) telling Elhan the Iron Throne leaders are in Candlekeep

6) leaving Candlekeep catacombs

7) killing all the doppelgangers and saving Belm or the duchess (maybe while having proof of Sarevok's nastiness?)

8) killing Sarevok


But, as far as it goes, I always collect my quest rewards, because I'm not a madcap speedrunner.

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Yeah, thanks. It's good to keep such things in mind.


I think I'll include an optional area script feature in the mod that removes the flooding condition from saving the miners, in the sense that you only have to kill Davaeorn and bribe the guards through Rill to save the miners.


Then, whether you flood the mine or not, when you're outside, this one miner will come up to you and give you the report and the 2 Rep + 2.000 XP.

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Warning! Wizwom, you are not quite correct with the transition to chapter three. While I was testing BG1 NPC, I decided to console out of Mulahey's cave after retrieving the scroll from Mulahey's chest. Guess what? Chapter three never started. I was in Chapter 2, like, forever, before I realized that I needed to leave the Nashkel Mines by way of the mine exit, rather than just consoling out. Going back to FW5404 and leaving the normal way corrected this problem.

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