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Music pack gives error during install


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It goes on a mad ramble for a bit, takes about 3 minutes. Then it abruptly ends with the message


ERROR: Cannot perform auto-update, exiting!

Sys_error("Setup-BG1NPCMusic.exe: Too many open files")


I've clean installed EasyTuTu and the BG1NPC pack. It all goes horribly wrong when I go for the extra music.


Any ideas?

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Yes, the auto-update script installed with BG1 NPC Music work doesn't work with Weidu 204 out, I'm afraid. Try running Setup-BG1NPCMusic.exe(or whatever it is called) in your EasyTutu directory, do not unpack the mod again.

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Thanks for the answer there, but it seems I already "fixed" the problem.


The thing is, whenever I install a new mod, there filename of the executable of the previous mod gets shown during the loop that ends in the error I described. So when I install BG1NPC for starters, it goes fine, but the next one (like the music pack) will show the NG1NPC filename in the CMD box and it will go nuts. When I install the widescreen mod for instance, it does the same... It will always show the filename of the previous installed mod. Deleting the old debug file, the weidu log-file and the executable seems to fix it, allowing me to proceed to the next mod.


At the moment I've got BG1NPC, the music pack, the unfinished business pack and the widescreen mod and the de-greenifier running without further problems.


I don't know why it does these weird things for me, there don't seem to be many complaints like the ones I'm having on these boards... Maybe it's because I'm running XP64, who knows.

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No, it's just all G3 mods packed with the old auto-updating script and Weidu version<204 will produce just such a loop during the unpacking, if there's a newer mod(packed with Weidu 204) in the directory (BG1 NPC, Assassinations, etc), as I said.

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Guest Guest

This same thing happened to me...does this mean the loop is essentially harmless?


I was able to install by running the setup again, but it really looked like i might be in trouble with it doing a bunch of stuff and then stopping mid-way!


My game isn't corrupted or anything is it now?

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