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Anyone interested in creating evil NPCs for my mod?


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It appears that my dream of adding depth to my joinable NPC mod may become a reality, as I've learned how to group disparate foes with a common identifier. So, I'd like to end up with the following villainous group as the main opposing force to the joinable NPC, the female Elven ranger Hinaeariel:


Followers of Malar - needed NPCs


1 "boss" cleric

1 or more druids who side with the cleric

1 or more fallen rangers


I'm thinking there should be a few groups who fight the party here and there, but not too many. It would be nice to have enemies with some personality, and they don't all necessarily need to die, but they'll have plans that the heroes must prevent from succeeding. I know, I'm weaving a tangled web for myself in expanding the mod to include one or more quests, but it's all in the name of thematics and added interest for the mod :suspect:


The other evil group (also Malarites) I'll include is:


The People of the Black Blood


These are evil lycanthropes who worship Malar, hunting in packs and using special hunting beasts that I've created. There should be a few groups of these as well, and I can take care of them myself.


If anyone is interested in creating any of the "main bad guys/gals" listed above (sex and race up to the creator(s)), please let me know. I'll gladly supply any needed information.


Happy modding,


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