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A warning for Sister V


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I'd pretty much agree with you here. If Angelo isn't redeemed (in an ambiguous sense, fitting the ambiguous nature of his crimes) by the PC, his redemption takes the form of his death





in which case he pins it on Ilmater, a sort of "catch-all" redemptive device. Speaking of which, I had in mind here The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, in which that guy is "hanged" about six times and each time it cuts in at some point in the endless list of his crimes, like "blasphemy...aggravated blasphemy...mule thieving...lewd acts with mule...lewd acts with cactus...blasphemy with deadly weapon..."


end spoiler



Incidentally, although the reference may not be accessible to everyone, here is an example of Angelo's mourning style





That was my reading of his psychology certainly. I wonder if the ToB (ascension route) also implies finally a conscience which of course I’m not sure is present in SoA nor in the early parts of ToB. Perhaps like many people who convince themselves that their actions were justified he has a sneaking feeling they weren’t and his redemption is made via death. I don’t think he could do what Sarevok attempts to do. I’m not sure if Sarevok succeeds but I guess he has a go. I felt that the ‘cheerful’ acceptance of death was of someone who had finally been asked to pay the bill and had run out of excuses rather than someone who no longer had anything to live for. But maybe I’m bring cynical.


I’m sure Cal can put the positive Angelo slant on it for me. :laugh:

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He won’t be the only person who hedges their bets on the god(s) and yes, that’s how I read the ‘marriage’ route and the ‘ascension’ route.


You’ve reminded me of Eliot’s ‘Cocktail Party’ though of course cerebral verse drama like that isn’t popular now (it was never that popular in the first place). It always amused me the Celia’s path and her redemption was through being eaten alive by ants as a missionary and for Edward and Lavinia it’s to hold a cocktail party. I’ve only ever been to a couple of what could be called ‘cocktail parties’ and it’s tempting to think that Celia got off lightly…


OK just a smidgen ironic I admit…



But I have to say that I like the idea that his attitude at the end is partly down to having escaped retribution so frequently (Yes, I know 'The Good, the Bad' etc - it's one of the few films I've seen - I liked the music) and of course then there will be a mixture of ‘perhaps I’ll escape again’ and the sense that the bill has to be paid after all. In any case, as you’re the author I shan’t argue with you.

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