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Something must be wrong with Gavin... (spoilers)


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Hey all,


I'm nearly at the end of the game (about to enter the Duchal Palace) and Gavin proposed my PC a while ago. She said yes, but this response must have shocked poor Gavin so much that he's been digesting it ever since. There's no way to talk to him (PID goves only one line "Please let me digest this" and nothing else) and he won't initiate a dialogue himself either. It's been at least a week since the proposal, I'm out of quests and I don't dare to enter the Palace in fear that the game might be over before the lad speaks up. :suspect:


Any suggestions?

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Did he have a conversation the next morning?


There's a 2-day delay between the proposal and his next lovetalk. That's game days, not real time.


Just to be safe, though, why don't you send your saved game to berelinde_@_gmail.com, deleting the underscores that I included just to fool the spambots.


It's probable that it's just a question of timing, but you never know. He should have been flirting, in any event.

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I sent you the saved game.


In the meanwhile, I reloaded another one from before the proposal to see how exactly it goes. He says what he wants, and then (after Ajantis' interaction) he instantly refers to Gorion's letter, and asks whether I intend to turn evil using my father's power or not. After this he gets stuck again.


However, if I remove the letter from my inventory before the proposal, everything goes fine, and I can flirt with him afterwards with new lines, including "What will your family say when they find out who my father was" or something like that.


I hope that helps :suspect:

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No, Ajantis' dialogue isn't messing things up. I think it's a timing issue. If you get the letter before Gavin proposes, then he'll break off the relationship. If you get the letter after B!GavinRomanceActive goes to 2, he'll stay with you. I think that it might be possible that you might have gone back to Candlekeep too close to his proposal.


But I'll have a look at the saved game. I can't do it until tomorrow, I'm afraid.


I have received the saved game, and I'll examine it first thing tomorrow morning.

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Actually, there are a bunch of Ajantis/Gavin relationship talks, because I included every one that we worked on, as well as the Ajantis/PC talk about it that you wrote. But they are all geared toward getting the PC to reconsider the relationship; none of them change any variables.


But that's why I think it's a timing issue involving the Bhaal discovery. The Ajantis/PC talk happens while Gavin's relationship is still uncommitted, because you didn't think it was appropriate for Ajantis to make negative remarks about Gavin after the PC had already committed to him. But "I need time to digest this" is what he says after the Bhaal letter is found if the relationship is committed. So something is messed up. I'm still digging to find out what.


You know how sometimes, when a player issues a movement command it interrupts the script? It's the reason we all went to closing the variable during dialogue, not on a timer. But it might also have messed up the romance. If a player had the letter in inventory long enough for one script block to fire, but not long enough for another, it might break the mod.


I am still studying this. It might be that this has exposed an area where the scipt could be tightened up. I don't think I've had a report from a player who didn't exhaust all the pre-Bhaal talks before going to Candlekeep.

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Found the problem: timing. The saved game time is 773407, and LT19 was supposed to happen, but going to CK derailed lovetalks 19 through 25. I think I'll lose the long timer between LT's 18 and 19 besides, and possibly shorten the other long timer. They're forcing players to mess with their games to get the content in while speedplaying, and that isn't what I wanted to do with the mod at all.


Your savedgame shows that the Bhaal talk, LT25, already happened, but LT26 did not. And I see the problem: you moved through the catacomb entrance and first level pretty fast, fast enough to skip the lovetalk that was supposed to be initiated there. You didn't even loot the bookshelves!


I'll put a backup plan in place for a future versions, for a player who goes through the catacombs quickly, but for now, you're going to have to use the console to get that talk going.


You said you've never used it, so I'll include directions. I only hope you don't have Vista.

  1. Make sure that the game isn't running.
  2. Go to your game directory and find a file called baldur.ini.
  3. Open it with Notepad or another text editor.
  4. Under Program Options, add one line
    Debug Mode=1
  5. Save the file.
  6. Start the game again from your save
  7. Hit CTRL-spacebar. this will open a little box under the regular dialogue box.
  8. Position the pointer inside that small blank box and click there. That will give you a pink cursor.
  9. Type
  10. Hit enter, twice so the console box disappears.
  11. Hit CTRL-spacebar again to reopen the console.
  12. Type

The talks should restart soon, probably immediately, and Gavin's PID blackout should end.


I'll see if I can attach a screenshot of the edited baldur.ini. I could post a screenshot of the console in use, too, if it helps, but that would have to wait until I can get my old computer working again. For some reason, Vista won't let you print screen with a game open.


Edit: there is no v in only


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You didn't even loot the bookshelves!

Shame on me, I should've known Gavin likes to read! :suspect:


Anyway, thanks a lot for solving the problem and for the instructions as well (finally I know how to use the console! Huge step for me, small step for mankind!). Everything's back on track again :blush:

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