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Planescape: Torment gurus?


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I've run into an odd bug late-ish in Torment that seems likely to mess things up; is there anyone here, or does anyone here know someone, who knows the ins and outs of Torment and might be willing to offer some advice, or possibly have a look over my savegame? I've trawled through the game resources already, but I'm struggling a bit on my own :suspect:



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There's probably a few people about, one way or another who might know the answer. The best idea is to put up a good description of the bug, along with patches applied and any mods that may be running. That way, when one of the knowledgeable people sights the thread, they may be able to solve the problem then and there.


Certainly they'll be more encouraged to help, since through sheer human laziness, mystery bugs tend to go in the "too hard" basket. :blush:




Oh, and Welcome to G3, enjoy your stay. :suspect:

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