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So... err... progress?

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Recently discovered this site and all its interesting mods. This one has caught my interst the most. Hope you all can manage to find time to finish. No pressure, just letting you know another fan is waiting int he stands for it. Good luck on completeling it, hoping it is done by the end of the year.

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Heh.... yeah Grim, no pressure at all. You guys just get started on it and finish it this year, right? :D

Yeah, right... none of us has anything else to do atm :):):(:D

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Hey you lot ! :)


From what I've been reading so far, it seems like the mod isn't dead yet - which I really hope it isn't! And since nobody has asked how progress is going for a while, I suppose I have to :) . Hee.. :(


Soo... How is business going? Anything good happened? :)

And please don't tell me that the mod is dead. Because then I'll die! I'll just go poof and then I'm gone. (Not really, but you get my point.)


Looking forward to this mod it seems really great! Love love looove the idea of sisters in BG2 :):band:


Catch ya later.

'Preciate your time :(

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Hibernation eh?

Fair enough I suppose, and who doesn't have a life outside of BG2 anyways. ;)


If any of you require an extra person to write dialog (can't code though, sorry) feel free to call on me. Right now I can handle one more project, but that's about it.


And yes, I have a social life too, so don't bounce that ball back on me. ;)

Anyway, I don't expect this situation to change until around about November this year anyways, so if anyone wants to take up this offer, PM me to let me know.


If you don't find me here, I'll probably be at SHS, spend most forum time there anyways.

Ciao. ;)

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