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A call for playtesters: Romantic Encounters, v3


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Romantic Encounters Mod is about to hit v3, and we need your help. Forty-seven encounters, by eleven different authors, are waiting for you!


New conversations with Anomen, an encounter with the Queen Ellesime herself, a rehearsal with a beautiful actress, an actual rescue of a damsel in distress, an innocent young priestess, a long romantic sequence with everyone's favourite ranger, Valygar, a huge encounter for the "short" races in the Underdark, and lots and lots of small talk with Viekang in Saradush. All that and more - in Romantic Encounters.


Version 3 will have:


- Isabelle's Fears, by gertjanvh

- Anne's Rescue, by gertjanvh

- The Queen, by Domi

- Valygar Romance, by Kulyok

- Rehearsal with Chandra, by Western Paladin

- Goldander Blackenrock: After a Party, by magrat

- A Chat with Viekang, by magrat

- Cumulative Anomen reactions, by berelinde

- Bjornin reaction, by jastey


And the following fixes:


- Adjusted audio decompression for better compatibility

- Corrected minor issues with the protagonist's gender for some encounters

- The guard should leave/disappear correctly in Ada encounter

- Corrected some issues with weights in Logan Coprith's dialogue

- Aerie's reaction to Haer'Dalis encounter triggers correctly

- Updated to Weidu 204



If you would like to help us, please, register at G3 forums, if you haven't already, and post here. In a few days, we will enable your access to the playtesting room. I will post an announcement in this forum, when it is done.


If you have any questions about v3, please, post in this thread.

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Okay, PM sent - you'll see the playtesting room soon enough, if you don't now. :) I guess we're set for the time being - my thanks to everyone who agreed to participate. I hope you will enjoy the new material.

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It's been Very Quiet in the Secret Playtesting Room. As Keto would say, "quiet as death, aye".


Dear forum people, if you'd like to help us, please do. We need more testers/proofreaders: I, for one, will appreciate any assistance.


Citizens, please, step forward!

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It's not like we're going to release a buggy, scary, stuttering version of RE, no. But with v1, we had over twenty testers reporting tons of stuff every day, so I'd just like to have as many "All is well" posts and typo reports as we can.


(Naturally, it's a moot point, since we are all going to die anyway, but still.)

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