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Arcane Spells (outdated)

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Blindness - lasts 8 hours; no AC penalty; -10 to THAC0; now a Necromantic spell

Burning Hands - now has a small area of effect

Chill Touch - damage 1d8; drains 1 point of Strength

Chromatic Orb - damage + random effects, both improve with caster level

Color Spray - causes stun, blindness, or confusion depending on target/caster HD

Find Familiar - fixed and tweaked familiars

Grease - save or fall unconscious for 1 round, 50% movement rate penalty (no save); area of effect reduced to 10' radius

Mage Armor - AC 6, +1 every 4 levels up to AC 3

Reflected Image - 50% miss chance (the image isn't destoyed when hit), short duration; doesn't protect from AoE spells anymore

Sleep - affects creatures with less Hit Dice than caster; creatures wake up when hit

Shield - +2 bonus to AC instead of setting it (further +4 vs. missile)

Shocking Grasp - 1d6 damage/2 levels (up to 5d6); stuns the target for 1 round

True Strike - replaces Infravision (for now); +10 to THAC0 for 1 round



Deafness - last 8 hours, not cumulative with itself anymore; now a Necromantic spell

Detect Invisibility - area of effect 50'; lasts for 1 turn (as True Sight)

Glitterdust - area of effect reduced to 10 feet radius, creatures affected cannot hide or go invisible for 4 rounds; it now correctly bypasses SI: Divination

Knock - a ram like force can be used to knockback unconscious a living target or bash a locked door/chest

Know Opponent - replaces Know Alignment; reduces target's AC by 2 and physical resistance by 10%

Luck - lasts 5 turn; added the missing +1 to all saves, and 5% to thieves skills

Power Word Sleep - a single target with more than 19hp must save or fall asleep, no save if hp are less than 20

Stinking Cloud - creatures cannot attack nor cast spells unless they successfully save (replaces the sleep effect)



Clairvoyance - limited foresight, caster is immune to backstabbing and gains +2 to AC and saves vs breath (cannot be dispelled)

Detect Illusion - cancels all illusion spells of 4rd level and lower

Flame Arrow - each arrow may target different targets (up to 5 arrows, 4d6 fire damage each)

Ghost Armor - set AC 2, +20% to Hide in Shadow; now belongs to Illusion school

Haste - spell recipients are fatigued after the spell ends (-2 to THAC0, AC and damage for 5 rounds)

Lightning Bolt - damage 1d8/level up to 10d8; single target

Melf's Minute Meteors - creates +2 enchanted meteors; damage 1d4 +2d4 fire

Monster Summoning I - summons hobgoblin archers and a shaman

Protection from Missiles - now protects from ALL types of missile (including Acid Arrows, Flame Arrows, and Melf's Minute Meteors)

Slow - halves attack rate, penalty of -1 to AC, THAC0, and saves vs breath

Skull Trap - damage 1d4/level (up to 20d4 at level 20)

Vampiric Touch - 3 points of damage/2 levels up to 30 at 20th



Break Enchantment - replaces Remove Curse, cures enchantments (e.g. Confusion, Feeblemind) and curses

Dimension Door - reintroduced; small improvements

Enchanted Weapon - each and every type of +3 weapon can be created (including arrows, bolts and bullets)

Greater Malison - saves are reduced by 2 instead of 4 (as per PnP/BG1/IWD/NWN)

Ice Storm - slows targets in the area; duration 4 rounds (fix)

Improved Invisibility - no saving throw bonuses

Monster Summoning II - summons gnolls elite and a captain

Otiluke's Resilient Sphere - no save if cast on allies

Polymorph Self - fixed and improved forms, no bear forms, wolf replaced by Winter Wolf

Teleport Field - creatures are now allowed a save every round to avoid effect



Chaos - creatures 5 or more levels below than the caster are not allowed a save

Cloudkill - new cloud color

Conjure Lesser Fire/Air/Earth Elemental - improved creatures

Monster Summoning II - summons ogre berserkers and an ogre mage

Oracle - cancels all illusion spells in the area of effect (all levels)

Phantom Blade - 1d12 magic damage (+10 vs. undead); +4 enchantment; causes 100% spell failure for 1 round (save negates)

Protection from Acid - grants 100% resistance and complete immunity to acid-based spells

Protection from Cold - grants 100% resistance and complete immunity to cold-based spells; moved from 3rd level

Protection from Electricity - grants 100% resistance and complete immunity to electricity-based spells

Protection from Fire - grants 100% resistance and complete immunity to fire-based spells; moved from 3rd level

Shadow Door - small friendly AoE maze effect as per PnP, which allows a save and lasts only 1-4 rounds

Summon Shadow - replaces Animate Dead; summons shadows and wraiths



Acid Fog - replaces Death Fog; doesn't automatically kill summons; movement reduced to 50% (no save); new cloud color

Chain Lightning - damage 1d6/level to primary target (up to 20d6), half damage to following targets

Conjure Fire/Air/Earth Elemental - elementals don't turn hostile; improved creatures

Create Undead - replaces Summon Carrion Crawler; summons ghasts and mummies

Disintegrate - 2d6/level points of magic damage (up to 40d6), 5d6 on a successful save (doesn't destroy the loot)

Invisible Stalker - improved creature to act as a 8th level Stalker with backstabbing abilities

Mislead - clone lasts only 6 rounds (previously overpowered); improved invisibility lasts 1 round/level

Protection from Magic Energy - grants 100% resistance and complete immunity to spells based on magic damage

Protection from Magical Weapons - lasts only 3 rounds

Tenser's Transformation - caster gains attacks per round as a fighter of equivalent level (does not stack with multiclass fighters' ApR)



Control Undead - low level creatures (depending on caster's level) can't save against this spell

Delayed Blast Fireball - damage up to 20d6 at 20th level

Khelben's Warding Whip - removes up to 4 protections instead of 3

Mantle - protects from +3 weapons or lower

Mordenkainen's Sword - corrected sword's statistics

Prismatic Spray - various improvements

Project Image - can't use quick slots, items, ... the clone only retains spellcasting abilities

Protection from the Elements - grants 100% resistance and complete immunity to elemental-based spells

Sphere of Chaos - random effects each round (confusion, sleep, paralysis, fear, ...), affects only opponents

Summon Death Knight - replaces Cacofiend, summons a powerful undead demon

Summon Djinni - corrected Djinni's statistics; new spells and abilities (gaseous form included)

Summon Efreeti - corrected Efreeti's statistics; new spells and abilities (gaseous form included)



Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting - damage reduced from 1d8/level to 1d6/level (up to 20d6); doesn't affect undead creatures

Improved Mantle - protects from +4 weapons or lower

Power Word Blind - affects only a single target

Protection from Energy - grants 100% resistance and complete immunity to energy-based spells

Summon Fiend - Glabrezu is much more powerful (corrected animation)



Bigby's Clenched Fist - completely revised to be more effective

Black Blade of Disaster - various improvements

Energy Drain - drains 4 levels, caster "gains 4 equivalent levels"

Freedom - also cures all allies of any effect which bind the body (hold, stun,...) or the mind (charm, confusion,...)

Gate - Pit Fiends are extremely more powerful (corrected animation)

Imprisonment - applies a permanent maze effect (it no longer breaks romances and it no longer causes game over if the affected character is Player1)

Meteor Swarm - damage 40d4 (save for half); new animation

Shapechange - fixed and improved forms, Troll form replaced by Spirit Troll

Spellstrike - now has a 10 feet radius area of effect

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