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Skin problems


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A lot of folks probably saw some PHP/SQL errors earlier, or are probably wondering why the site looks completely different. The default G3 skin starting throwing out errors this morning (we're migrating to a new hosting platform)--I'm going to sort out the problem and get it back and running as soon as I can. In the meantime, I've moved anyone who was using it over to one of the Borderline skins instead so you can at least use the forums while this is being sorted out.


Apologies to all while I fix this.

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There were two that I know of, that were logged. What circumstances are you getting them? New threads or replies? Full reply, quick reply? Which skin?


I have the feeling the forums are going to be a bit sticky until they're done with the transfer.

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Oh wait, is this the 'this forum is read-only' message when using the 'New Thread' button at the bottom of a forum? That's an original skin bug with this (JC mentioned this a few weeks ago and I never got around to fixing it). Use the 'new thread' button at the top instead.

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oh god borderline im really sorry for all the things i said and yes we can go to counseling and i am really very serious about our relationship and i shouldnt drink i know and yes i appreciate you for who you are




Seriously, if there's any chance of getting Borderline back, or a reasonably lookalike cousin, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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