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Re: Invincible Imoen in Chateau Irenicus fix

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devSin wrote:


Actually we've tried, but now that I saw something about it on BioWare's forums, the fix is pretty clear: HP(Myself,1) trigger -> Global("ImoenRunning","LOCALS",1).


I don't think there's a difference between versions (I don't know what you're referring by script pending); you just have to be craftier and spend more time blocking Imoen than I was ever willing to waste. Certainly, once she starts moving, you'll get the "too busy" message if you try to talk to her (as soon as the engine figures out it's time to execute some actions, I guess), but I guess fake-talking her keeps her around for a bit.

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I think we're miscommunicating again, which is likely due to me wandering off for a while to grow stupider.


You're talking about

REPLACE imoenp
 THEN 3 SAY #19965

or something else?


Thanks for splitting, Caedwyr.




Cause I forgot to reweight it, and that's the only reason not to just REPLACE_STATE_TRIGGER :)

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If I'm reading it right, the "bug" is that you heal Imoen and talk to her again (since she's stuck and can't escape); the HP(Myself,1) trigger would then be false, giving her True() kick-out dialogue.


Since she should never be around after getting the beat down, just changing it to check "ImoenRunning" should always work (the variable is never touched afterward since it's assumed that her EscapeArea() worked).

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