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Imoen.org -- gone?


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www.imoen.org seems to be gone (replaced by some advertising appearing to be aimed at people who misspell the URL for the MOEN faucet company....)


Does anyone know why she went bye bye, or if anyone plans on hosting the Imoen romance in her absence?




After some recon, it looks the files at least are still available at the IEGMC site:



No homepage. No forums. Just the files.

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Could be weeks until he gets around to renewing it. Or hours. You never know.


If you always wanted to have a site named imoen.org, but couldn't because the name was already taken, this would be the time to go for it.


(quickly ducks behind a big rock to avoid the inevitable barrage of rotten tomatoes and worse for that last remark)

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The domain hasn't changed ownership yet--it's still in AUTORENEWPERIOD, so he still has at least 3 weeks or so to snatch it back. It looks like the registrar simply renewed it on their own dime and immediately redirected it to a portal. That happened to me as well with a domain I let lapse for a day--it seems to simply be standard operating procedure now, in contrast to days of yore when they would simply not resolve.


Anyway, this is all far less interesting than new imoen.org fanfic.

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