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[IWD1/BG2]: proposed tweak

the bigg

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As everybody knows, Orrick uses a different store file depending on the chapter. However, this poses some problems:

- Items sold to the CH1 Orrick can't be re-acquired when in CH5.

- Items not acquired from the CH1 Orrick can't be acquired anymore (for example, the Girdle of Gond).

- Since chapters trigger when you enter the area, Orrick won't sell you CH2 stuff until you go to the Dragon's Eye and immediatly back.

- You are of higher level than expected by the game developers, meaning that you might have access to level 5 spells but not have them for sale "because they're too powerful for you".


Three proposed solutions:

- Orrick uses a single .sto file through the game, which is a merger of all of his chapter-based stores.

- Orrick uses Level() or XP() checks, rather than Chapter() ones. He should also allow you to ask for yesterday's selection for items you might have missed.

- Keep Orrick chapter based, but allow you to ask for yesterday's selection (and maybe make chapters trigger when the CH3 quest ends, rather than when you enter the CH4 area).


Something similar should also apply to Bernard in the Copper Coronet (otherwise, loot you sell before clearing the slavers is lost forever).

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Sounds like a very useful tweak.


In the case of Orrick, I'd go for option two, provided that it accurately checks for the right level the (highest) mage in your party. The possibility of asking for the old selection is also very convenient.


As for Bernard, would it be possible to merge the stores after you do the slaver quest? That way you have the best of both worlds: new items, but also access to your old stuff. If not, it would be best to keep it like it is, with the added possibility to ask for 'yesterday's stuff'.

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