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Trolls won't die

Guest Keldryn

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Guest Keldryn

Hello, not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but I recently re-installed BG2 with a few mods, and I've found that trolls will not die even when hit with acid or fire damage.


The best info I could find with a google search took me to a GameFAQs thread that mentioned problems with scripts "stacking" and not triggering the trolls' drop-to-the-ground state/animation. I've tried moving my party members away and not attacking them for a bit, as suggested in that thread, but it didn't help.


I've got these mods installed (with Throne of Bhaal):






Picks of the Litter

Unfinished Business


I had eSeries and gMinion installed, but I uninstalled them in case they were somehow contributing to any script "overloading," but it didn't help.


Anything I can do to fix this problem? The "Boo gets kidnapped" bit from UB has been triggered, so now Minsc is useless and pursuing this quest gets me teleported to a troll-infested swamp. And I can't kill them. Arrrgh. Anny suggestions would be much appreciated.

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