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Learning Curve?

Guest SlidMang0

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Guest SlidMang0

Hi! Could you draw the learning curve for the mod please? I wish to see roughly how curved the learning will be. Thanks!

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No, then it is;

l	|				  ________________________________________
e   |			 ___ _/
a   |		__/
r	|	   _ / 
n   |	 /
i	|__/
g   |
l	|
v   |
l	|
										   Game progression

There you go.


Which is my view, you have a steep curve to start, but then you get wise to their tactics.


Oh, how many people have noticed how hard it is to draw a proper graph in unicode?



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I have taken the time to draw the learning curve for SCSII. Hopefully this will be helpful for you.










Alternatively, this diagram can be used to demonstrate the hyper geometrical scripting methods common in the more advanced AI mods.

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A nonsimply connected peanut butter cup?


Check out the eversion on that baby hur hur hur!


Whew... in my arrogance I thought it was a bit of a risk making a high-level maths allusion on a modding site. Getting a reply off the end of my own maths competence is kind of impressive.

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Isn't the Weierstrass function continuous everywhere but differentiable nowhere?

Yep. The Weierstrass function was one of the main inspirations in the design of SCS II (the others being Tactics, the General Theory of Relativity, and Mang0's Hip-Hop mod.)



(In seriousness, iirc it was one of the steps in recognising that the pre-19th century idea of a function as a drawable line was coming apart from the use mathematicians were making of the "function" concept. You'll have to ask our guest what "eversion" is, though.)

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So, from the mathematical evidence presented here, and the general shape of the curve on the Figures 7 and 8 would you say that this mod is mainly oriented towards a male player?

No, it's not sexist: male players must improve themselves until they are good enough to climb those curves, females players must improve themselves until they are good enough to be better than those curves.

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