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SCSII v6 imminent - translations sought

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Since we cant know when SCS II v6 will be uploaded by CamDawg here at G3, I was wondering if you are adding to it during these days when more issues are reported so that Cam will release the very latest (your local) version of SCS II.


Also, please forgive me if this might sound not polite, is SCS (that has been without an update for a longer time than SCS II) going to receive some love after v6 is finally out?

No, my doctoral thesis is.


As BGT player I think that SCS was more "in need" of fixing than SCS II.


Here, I'm afraid, you suffer from this being a hobby: SCS II has tended to grab my time more, partly because it's newer and partly because I'm currently in BG2 in my own playthrough (which usually takes 18 months). Also, SCS II is genuinely less stable (or at least: has been) - as far as I know there aren't any genuinely critical bugs in SCS atm, though there are one or two annoying ones.


I haven't forgotten about it, but I don't have an ETA either.



Best of luck with that thesis David.

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