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Romantic Encounters Dialogue Files

Guest Deirdre

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Guest Deirdre

Hey. What's up? Well, I have to say, I'm enjoying this mod a lot, but I am having a problem! There were a few parts I wanted to check out, as I wanted to see what you did for a few encounters, but it's doubtful I'll ever play the kind of character necessary to get them that far into the game...


So I was trying to browse the files in Infinity Explorer, but I kept getting "invalid dlg index" errors and in near infinity I got "no such index" errors, so I'm wondering what's up with this. Is there any way I can view the files. What's wrong?


Help please!

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Likely you were installing RE with Infinity Explorer/the game running in the background, which is a Bad Thing. Check that no other utilities are running, and re-install the mod. Then run IE and open an external file(for new characters), or an existing one.


Otherwise, your best bet will be Weidu. (You will have to have weidu.exe in your BG2 directory. Download it from http://weidu.org .)


a) Install Romantic Encounters.

Check the file you want to read via IE. For example, if it is Renal, your required file is RENAL.dlg.

Run this line in your Total Commander/console window:

weidu RENAL.dlg

There'll be Renal.d in your BG2 folder - perfectly readable.


b) Use --untraify command to read our .tra files. Read Weidu readme to see how it's done.

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