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Problem installing

Lord of Al

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I had an error installing the Angelo mod, I'm quite useless with the code, it had Sendai's name in the weidu install with error messages, so being the layman I am, i uninstalled the Sendai component of the RE mod, and Angelo still didn't install properly and ended with the same results, I don't know how to attach files on a post here so I've put a rather crude link here to the debug, thanks for any help in advance.



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It means that another mod has changed Sendai's dialogue, wiping out most of her dialogue states. It's a Bad Thing, and I'll investigate it.


Your .DEBUG file includes a modlist. Oversight seems to be blameless, or so it would seem; I'll download and check the latest RR, UB, Questpack and Fixpack.

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Okay, here's what the professionals advise(jcompton, in this case):


If you want to find out which mod likely modified SENDAI.DLG, search your BG2 path(/backup directories of your mod folders) for instances of SENDAI.DLG. Whichever mod has it in backup is the guilty party.

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So, I checked Oversight, Fixpack, Tweakpack, Quest Pack, UB, and even Chloe and Fade, though they do not have ToB content. I've really no idea what mod it may be. Will you please post your Weidu.log? It's a text file in your Baldur's Gate 2 directory.

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