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I saw mention of IWD NPCs in another thread, this reminded me of a long dormant idea I had about IWD. One which is probably beyond my skill, but just for laughs, I thought I'd mention it hear.............


BTW, it's great to see that someone is paying attention to IWD, I had just hit BG2 burn out and just started a new IWD game hoping to implement some other "long dormant" ideas I had (see General Mod Discussion thread)..............


Anyway, I always thought'd it be kewl (add more depth to the game) if you could add 1 or 2 NPCs at certain junctures in the game.




Prologue: Had Erevain and that dwarf at the winter's cradle join you as you search for the lost caravan.


The Ogre you cure might decide to help with the Goblins you have to face in Kuldahar pass.


Chapter One: The halfling innkeeper may decide to join you since he needs a new source of income now (after you expose Eidan's legacy and only if you play it right)


Chapter Four: The dwarven ghost-priest joining as a cleric.


Chapter Six: Hrothgar survives the avalanche and catches up with you, joining your fight. It would be great to have him return to Easthaven with you.


Just a few ideas. This may require limiting you to four PCs, but the game has enought built in NPCs that this could have worked. My two cents anyway.

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Sounds like you should go over to PPG. Kulyok is trying to get an IWD1 NPC up and running, along the lines of the IWD NPC's for IWD2 hosted here.


As for anything else along those lines, maybe things will change when/if the recently started IWD in BG2 project succeeds. By recently, I mean as of April 1st. Modding for the BG2 engine is easier than the IWD engine. You can find more information in the General Mod Discussion forum, in the thread titled "Masochists sought for IWD-BG2 project."

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IWD NPC mod is nearly ready, yes. If you really want to play it right now, drop me a PM.


Icewind Dale indeed has many engine limitations, which makes NPC modding much harder than it is in BG2. But if you'd like to have a look, head over to the Tutorials section - I've posted some useful tips there.


And, sure enough, IWD->BG2 conversion is a great idea.

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IWD NPC mod is nearly ready, yes. If you really want to play it right now, drop me a PM


Not really what I had in mind, as I said, I was thinking it would be cool to have a core of 4 PCs and actually make use of some of the characters already in the game as NPCs. Anyway........................

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