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Ajantis BG1 Expansion Modifikation Diskussion


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Actually, no. There's been two language updates (French and German), addition of all the portraits that are also in Ajantis BGII, and some little bugfixes (mainly for the vanilla BG players).


Thank you for the interest! I wanted to do an anouncement for all my mod updates at once (I know - it's silly), but am waiting for the correct code concerning Tweakpack - Ajantis BGII.

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Discovered an incredibly odd bug with the mod during a Tutu playthrough.


When talking to the NPC Raleo Windspear in Beregost, Ajantis and Raleo seem to use random strings from the mod at length before the conversation returns to normal. Specifically, after the NPC's normal greeting, Ajantis has a box of dialogue that reads "Installs Ajantis Friendship Modification". The NPC Raleo responds with another box saying "BGT install detected" or something similar, even though I'm using Tutu. Among the other things they say is "Medium Shield +1" and the complete text of Ajantis' family shield description (the name, the flavor text, stats, abilities, who can use it, everything). After all this, the conversation returns to normal. This doesn't happen again if you speak to the NPC another time. I was able to repeat the bug by reloading a save, unfortunately, so it wasn't just a fluke. I also tried using the "Ajantis, your voice sounds strange" option from the BG1NPC PID to fix the strings before speaking to the NPC again, but the bug still happened.


My guess is, based off of the NPC's surname, that there was supposed to be some exchange foreshadowing how Ajantis would be found in Windspear Hills in BG2. It might be that the install is just screwy on my end, but I followed the Tutu install order guide from this forum and I'd used this mod before without issue. I can post my WeiDU log later if it's of any help; I'm not currently on my desktop now.

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Thank you for reporting! I can't check until tomorrow, but this sounds a lot like the setup-lines were used instead of the correct text lines for this during the installation. If this is the case, it will be fixed in the next update and thank you for letting know.

The encounter is just a greeting between the two, as Ajantis' family knows the Windspear one, but not really a foreshadowing of any kind (only the mentioning of a relative that might make an appearance in BGII).

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I completely forgot this bug was already reported! Cirosan, I apologize (and to all other players, too).


It is fixed now:

The Ajantis BG1 Expansion Mod is updated to v10.

Changes are:

  • BG:EE/Tutu/BGT: Fixed missing USING in the tp2 for correct tra-file usage (interjection with Lord Windspear in Beregost)
  • BG:EE (German/French): fixed crashing items - correctly formatted setup.tra is now provided
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Hello jastey,


There is a contradiction between the statement that the mod is available only in English (both in the first post and in the recent announcement of V10) and the update mentionned for German and French for BGEE. ;-)


Besides, the items are used only on BG1 (romance) and are not installed on BGEE, so technically you didn't need to convert the descriptions to UTF-8. The only text used in the setup.tra are installation texts and in French, we always keep them without special characters because they don't display well in the DOS window, so they don't really need UTF-8 encoding either. It won't hurt though.


Thanks for the update.

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Ah, so I guess I did think about something, at least (although not yesterday but earlier). Hm, that takes the warm, glowing feeling and only leaves the "I am so forgetful"...


Thank you, I will change the description - I admit I copied and pasted and didn't read carefully enough, obviously.

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The mod updates to v11.


Main changes are:


The mod is directly compatible with EET now.

For all games that do not end with Sarevok's death, there is new content after his defeat available.

For all SoD games, there are new reply options for the SoD romances in case the PC and Ajantis are engaged. If engaged, the PC will receive three letters during SoD from Ajantis.

For BG:EE and EET there will be a second install option to use the existent BeamDog BAM for Ajantis' shield (green dragon on golden back), if BG1NPC is installed.


Download Ajantis Expansion (Kerzenburgforum)




+ EET-compatibility

+ BGT, SoD, EET, romance case: Ajantis comments on Sarevok being defeated

+ BGT: original Ajantis in AR8300 will vanish after Sarevok is defeated

+ EE: added Ajantis - EE-NPC banter and Ajantis-Rasaad romance conflict (for Ajantis-Neera banter please install the Neera Banter mod)

+ EE: reply options for all (female PC) SoD romances if PC is engaged with Ajantis

+ EE and BG1NPC Project: offer install choice to use BG:EE's BAM for Ajantis' shield (1SHLDAJ.BAM)

+ (crossmod) NTotSC: Ajantis will comment on the Holy Symbol of Helm (ntmisc08.itm)

+ Mod won't install on Steam/GOG SoD if modmerge didn't run (Linux + OSX)

+ moved readme and other docs into folder "docs"

+ moved path for backup folder into first sublevel

+ update to WeiDU v. 243

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