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Strange summoned nymph behaviour...

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I'm getting some really strange behaviour using 'call woodland beings', jaheira's spell.


The summoned nymph, almost immediately (though i -can- get her to cast a couple of other spells first) starts to cast dimension door after d door, with no time between spells either, she casts like 10 of them with no delay...i guess the spell is just hard coded that way...anyways, she seems to have an inexhaustible supply of these and will simply continue to cast the spell...doing nothing else.


It's really strange, i'm not sure what mods could cause this behaviour, i have quest pack and scs II, as well as others, but these are the only ones i would think would change something in terms of AI behaviour. But i've come across nothing that alters nymphs specifically in the documentation.


So, if anyone knows what this issue is..i'd appreciate the help.


(oh, and i've always found it strange that d door is not listed in the spells for the nymph - nor is it in the game for any mage - and yet they do occassionally cast it when left to their own devices...but, that's -occassionally-, this is just annoying instead!

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That sounds vaguely like the nymph script from Tactics, or Vlad versions of Baldurdash.


To the best of my recollection, Sim's Quest pack doesn't change the nymph script (nor does the Fixpack, hee).


In the unmodded game Nymphs should only teleport to enemies, and only after attempting (and probably failing) to use Cause Serious Wounds.

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