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Who else is currently waiting on a book?


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OK, I know, it is a pointless thread, but I want to know if I am the only martyr on this board... So is anyone else catching his or her breath for a special book to be released?


I am a martino-holic, and I am rubbing my temples and bitting my lips in my impatient wish for "A Feast for Crows" :groucho:

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Movies as well?


Twins Effect II (Yes, I am one of seven people who liked Twins Effect, and the only man alive who liked Protoge de la Rose Noir)

New Police Story (Jackie Chan finally gets to direct again; those who only know his Hollywood crap have no idea how much fun his movies can be)

Kung Fu Shuffle (Stephen Chow's period Kung Fu comedy)

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and UU reminded me: new 'ghost in the shell', yay!

both series and new movie!!!


Yay!!! :(

standalone complex has a street date of end of july...


no idea when innocence will be out...sigh...well, thankfully i live in seattle, which has a fairly big anime community, so it will be one of the first targetted us cities..i pity people who live in the midwest... ???:D:groucho:

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I also eagerly await A Feast For Crows. I believe Martin wrote a message to his fans in June, saying he would make the waiting worthwhile or something, heighten my anticipation even more!!!


I also await the next book in the Wheel of Time series and the Dutch translation of Naked Empire by terry Goodkind.

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I recently saw a post that estimated the writing rate for GRRM, based on his progress reports and how many months it will took him to finish the book based on 1500, 1700 or 1900 pages of manuscript. At first I smiled that someone is eager enough to calculate it, and then I just laughed because I was reading it :groucho: I am pathetic at waiting

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