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Attacks per Round?


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Hi All,


I have a couple of questions regarding the Attacks per Round stat...


First my questions concerns IWD: TotLM. However I would like to know if it acts the same in IWD2.


From my reading this is hardcoded so only fighters receive the benefit from the weapons specialization prof as defined in wspatck.2da... does this hold true for IWD2 as well (since all classes get ApR progression in 3E)? if so how does IWD2 achieve it?


Actually after looking at the 2da in the iesdp I can see how it actually controls all warrior extra attacks, even those for natural level progression (basing it on on weapon proficiency level (ie. 0 thru 5)...


My question is, can this be overriden with the ApR spell/ability effect? I suppose the answer to this is yes, as ranged weapons do it. How does the effect stack with melee weapons?


Can level abilities be added in IWD:ToTLM? There is no CLAB file, so are these hard coded?

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All Infinity Engine games except for IwDII handle attacks per round in a Second Edition D&D kind of way - in IwDII your attacks per round are based on total BAB and wspatck.2da is ignored.


For the remainder of the IE games, the attack per round stat is always 1 in a .cre file - bonus attacks applied for being a high-level warrior or proficiency points are applied dynamically by the engine.


You can stack an attack per round stat however you prefer - either setting the number of attacks to a fixed value, or modifying the existing number. Problems can arise when modifiers are stacked.


There are no clab abilities, no. You can try appending to dplayer3.bcs (which runs on rest even when player ai is turned off) or use some other kind of hackery.

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