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Custom NPC heads

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Well, I figured it would be fun to try and recreate the characters from BG for the mod. So here we go. Bare in mind that my likenesses will not be exact and in some cases may not even come very close but they will however look much closer than any existing NWN2 models. Another problem with trying to recreate already popular characters from an older game is the limited reference available and whats worse is that the reference is not even very realistic. Anyways, here is Jahiera, I have done my best to make her look closer to her BG2 portrait without making her look too unrealistic in relation to the other models in NWN2.




Feedback welcome as I can easily change most aspects of the features (except hair as its using default NWN hair).

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Sure, the portrait is tiny so I scaled the image down to match.


enjoy :laugh:






Took another look I think this is a lot closer and much better looking.




I tried making the nose match the portrait but it just looks dumb face on, it looks very close to the portrait from the same angle but its not worth making the model look stupid face on. Thats the problem with painted portraits, they are often unrealisticly proportioned.

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The second one does look a lot closer than the first, particularly in skin tone, though I must say, even when I looked at the first one, I thought "Jaheira", so you've done a pretty good job here.


Pity about the hair, as I prefer Cliffette's modified portrait, but I suppose it is part of the BG2 look.

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Thanks, the hair isn't set at all. All I made was the head itself the hair is simply the closest hair in NWN2 to the portrait so I used it for the comparative shot. The hairstyle can be changed at character creation to any style in the game.


Now to try and interpret Kahlid's portrait, its a profile shot so its going to be hard to try and capture his look in 3d.

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Dump the contents of the zip into your override folder and you can select the head at character creation, just pick human. As for getting it into the editor the override route should work for that too, afaik it should just show up in your appearence tab like all the origional heads.


OK, I just took another look at the model I used as the base for this and....




Ya wouldn't have guessed lol.

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This one is number 53, I think it does clash with one of his heads but only the player version seeing as WhatBrick's heads are purely PC heads. I only provided a PC version of the head for ease of testing. To avoid clashing you can download runnerducks "MDB Cloner".




Open the cloner, open P_HHF_Head53.mdb in your overrider folder and rename all the fields mentioning 53 to 56 or higher to aviod clashes. Then go to your override folder and rightclick/rename each of the P_HHF_Head53 dds files to match the number you assigned :laugh:


WhatBricks heads are stored in a folder within the override folder so you need not worry about messing them up doing what I detailed above.


Figured it would be best to explain how to fix it rather than simply reuploading a new zip with the nonclashing version, this way you get to learn someting (assuming you didn't already know) ;)


The same process is used for making N_XXX_Head files into PC heads, simply replace the N_ with a P_ and assign a number that does not clash with existing heads, you simply need to extract the N_xxx_head mdb file from the NWN2_models.zip and its textures from NWN2_Materials.zip in your Data folder. Just remember to rename the texture files to match the name you assigned your new head in the cloner or your textures won't show up in game.


If this is too complex or you would rather not paly with it I would be happy to uplaod a zip with a nonclashing version of the head.

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No, I think I will give it a shot, seeing that I will need to make this work for the mod players. So, if I clone it with teh N_ extension, will I add the head under the NPC heads then?


Can I ask you to make Imoen's head a priority? She will be the next character to go in. :laugh:

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Sure thing, I am sick of Kahlid atm, none of the heads I have tried as a base have been suitable. It will require some drastic measures to get him looking how I want him. I'll move on to Imoen and come back to him with a fresh approach later.


I included an N_ version of Jahiera in the zip but yeah, if you change all the P_s to N_s in the model cloner it effectively makes the head unselectable at character creation, note, you have to physicly delete the P_ head from the override folder after you are done, as the name suggests it makes a clone and leaves the original file intact.


Good luck :laugh:

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Thank you, that's very helpful! Really want to see Jah in the game, probably will skip to her encounter :laugh: Basically, if it helps, the order of appearance of the BG characters in the mod will be:








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Well, here is what I have for Imoen.




Here I was lucky in that the BG 1 version of her was made to look younger so I just backwards extrapolated and this is what I came up with. I did take a little creative liberty but I think its still looks like Imoen. Any suggestions / critiques before I uplaod the pack?


The face alone won't sell her as 12 but I think this should do the trick, scaled down to the shortest and thinest settings at character creation.




She can be scalled even smaller using the toolset when creating her as an NPC so I think at least there things are ok. I just need to know if the head is ok. I can't think of any way of making her look any younger..

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