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Improved Miscellaneous Encounters Component


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SCS uses the following code to change the travel trigger to the dungeon to an info trigger:

COPY_EXISTING ~%Gullykin_JenkalsHouse_Cellar%.are~ ~override~
READ_LONG 0x5c ~infooffset~
READ_SHORT 0x5a ~numinfo~
SET ~infosofar~=0
WHILE (~infosofar~<~numinfo~) BEGIN
	READ_ASCII ~%infooffset%~+~%infosofar%~*0xc4 ~infoname~
	PATCH_IF (~%infoname%~ STRING_EQUAL_CASE ~%doorname%~) THEN BEGIN
		WRITE_SHORT ~%infooffset%~+~%infosofar%~*0xc4+0x20 1
		SAY ~%infooffset%~+~%infosofar%~*0xc4+0x64 @2507
	SET ~infosofar~=~%infosofar%~+1

This is great if the 1st time you enter Jenkal's home is from upstairs, however my party 1st entered his cellar from the ruins, just after defeating the Ogre Mage. It doesn't make sense for the entrance back to the sewers to be blocked by a door bolted from the other side.

Instead of changing the travel trigger to the ruins to an info trigger, would it work to just add a info trigger to the area using the same vertices as the existing travel trigger, and then toggle the 2 triggers active or inactive with the area script, dependant upon IF Dead("Dick") or IF !Dead("Dick")? That way the passage would still be travellable if you've come up to the cellar from the ruins.

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