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Installation of Gavin v3 fails on BGT


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I'm doing some bughunting for the BiG World Project and someone reported he has been unable to install Gavin v3. WeiDU says it's unable to locate handal2.dlg.

This looks like a typo in dlg/b!gavin_tosc_new.d [lines 40-47]. The I_C_T 'SHANDAL2' misses the starting 'S'.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm wondering how everyone else with TOSC installed is able to install the mod. (Not sure how Tutu names this dialogue file.)

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Yeah, it's a typo. Dufus forgot to use %tutu_scripts% instead of %tutu_var%.


You sound like you know what you're doing, so I'll give you the quick fix until I can get a repaired version packaged.


Open up the mod folder, and find the sub-folder called dlg. Inside, find the file b!gavin_tosc_new.d. Open it with any text editor and replace %tutu_var% with %tutu_scripts% in lines 40-47. From there, you can just install it again.


That line was added for v3, and it's possible that it hasn't seen that v3 isn't seeing a lot of use on a BGT install. V2 was stable, with just one missed TRA reference, with v3 just adding ToSC interjections and an extended friendship path, so if players had v2 and weren't planning on playing the friendship path, they probably stuck with v2.


I'll try to get a fixed version out tomorrow.


Thanks for the report!

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Fixed locally, thanks for your reply.


I didn't know that Tutu replaces the first character with an underscore. (I always thought it was just prefixing it). Now it makes sense for me that nobody else complained about it. I'm sure we will see some more BGT users from now on. :laugh:

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