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No command file for mac version

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Guest Guest_Onerous_*

I can't install the mac version because there in no file labeled 'Setup-Celestials.command' found in the extracted files. There is only three: the Celestials folder, Setup-Celestials, and Setup-Celestials.tp2.


Please let me know if there is an oversight on my part. Thanks.

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My guess is that the Setup-Celestials is actually the Setup-Celestials.command file, but the .command part has been dropped off the end. I don't know a huge amount about the mac version of weidu, but I'd assume you could also just copy an existing Setup-Mymod.command file from another mod, rename it to Setup-Celestials.command and run it that way as well.


There should be an updated maintenance version out soonish that would deal with this issue as well, but I don't have an exact release date.

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Here you go - try this one:




If it doesn't work, thry opening it up and changing the case to Setup-Celestials inside the file.



the contents of a .command file are


cd "$command_path"

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I'll just butt in here with a related nitpick.


Thanks for the Linux version of PnP Celestials! Much appreciated.


It has a minor issue, though... there are a couple of directories with uppercase names. Without those, a run of tolower could be avoided (which takes time, when you accumulate a few dozen mods).


Archive:  lin-pnpcelestials-v5.zip
 Length	 Date   Time	Name
	0  05-16-08 19:00   celestials/planetar/At_Will_Innates/
	0  05-16-08 19:00   celestials/planetar/Items/
	0  05-16-08 19:00   celestials/planetar/Limited_Use_Innates/
	0  05-16-08 19:00   celestials/shared_aasimon_spells/At_Will_Innates/
	0  05-16-08 19:00   celestials/summon_spells/_Baf/
	0  05-16-08 19:00   celestials/summon_spells/_Spl/


Something to keep in mind for next time :p

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