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Missing animation frame for robed wizards

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When a wizard has the full robe (including hood) equipped, his thrusting animation is missing some frames when he is facing North or Up. In my game, the wizard disappears for a few frames during the upward thrust, while the weapon remains visible.


In case it has to do with color, the robe's three "set item color" values are '66' or black. It is a valid armor color so I'm curious as to why the animation disappears.


My install is Fixpack, tweaks, ascension, SCS II.

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Argh. chmw4a6.bam has single pixel frames for about half of its cycles :(


Other than pinching from chmw4a4.bam or something there's not much we can do - it's wrong in the IwD line as well, and the BG bam is rather different and unsuitable.

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