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Issues with PS:T Tweakpack


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Just thought I'd re-report some bugs with it, as my previous reports have gotten buried with no responses.


1. Installing the MaxHP component causes the main executable to crash when you try to start the game. It cannot be installed as is.


2. The default install directory of the tweak pack should be changed to match the default install directory of the game. It should be just Black Isle/Torment, not Black Isle/Planescape - Torment.


3. SKARDAVNELNATE has found and provides fixes for some issues with the Stacking component in his All-Inclusive Pack, including some items which really shouldn't be stackable because they are charged and un-stacking them results in screwy behavior (like, you get 3 items with 1 charge instead of 1 item with 3 charges). I think that's the embalming charms, mainly, but there are probably other problematic ones. He's probably found some other issues as well.


I may be coming up with some mods that would probably properly go into the tweak pack, if there's any interest in adding them, but it'd be good to know someone is still interested in maintaining the Tweak Pack before submitting them. I can just provide them in a separate mod though if not, no worries.



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