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SHS: Classic Adventures v0.46 Released!

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Spellhold Studios


The Classic Adventures team are proud to present the next installment in the Classic Adventures mod! Sir BillyBob and leahnkain would also like to welcome new team members Solar's Harper and Lysan Lurraxol, who will be helping to write the NPCs of CA, as well as Wizwom who will be helping to code dialogues for the mod!


Classic Adventures will be a compilation of many of the old and some new classic PnP (Pen and Paper) modules. I fully plan to include series like A, D, G, S, and U into this story. There are several newer mods that will also be included into this project just for some variety.


New content in 0.46 includes a new path through Chapter 2--two new modules, UK2 and UK3 (The Sentinel and The Gauntlet), the village of Piney Bluff, more dialogs and banters for all NPCs, fixed stores in Suderham and Icar can join your party earlier in the game (though due to a bug he will still appear to fight the party later).


The known bugs and issues with this version include the above issue that Icar can join party but will also be found in A2 and will still fight the party; Markessa may still cause the game to crash if she follows you - an easy answer is to CTRL-Y her if this happens; Edsonor(sp) in Piney Bluff offers to take you to Mistmoor but doesn't, and the town of Selgaunt is not finished yet (though the team hope to have it completed by 0.47!).


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