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As I was browsing the material I have for Amber's ToB portion an idea occurred to me.

Why not release a ToB banter pack, as I already have quite few banters ready*. I've heard the many players have taken Amber from SoA to ToB as a silent companion and this would bring at least a some life to her. Of course I would have to set aside any banters that deal with the relationship between Charname and Amber. Possibly this pack could also contain some of the interjections.


* written, not proofread or coded.


Anyhow, at this point the ToB main talk track consists of 12 talks, two miniquests (one of them is only for the romance path), a bunch of floating talks and interjections. Like in SoA the player will have click talk options (both on quests and personal matters) and flirts. Both romances should have three epilogues and the friendship path two. Some of this is actually written and some is yet just planned, but I looking forward in getting something done during the summer.

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Hi Meira,


You know, one of the biggest things that made me adore Amber was just how complete and immaculate the mod was in SoA even in the beta version. Summer is only 2 or 3 months away, so if you foresee time coming then, I'd suggest you hold off on the rush descisions, and instead match the perfect track of Amber SoA. I'd rtaher you cut down on the total amount of material, but released another near final version publically than fractured the content :( In the tired world of BG2 it's probably the better idea.

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Guest Severance

hrrmm... hardly worth it, I'd have to revert to an old save file once the romance was released. Best to get it all in one well rounded chunk I think.

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Guest Inspired

I'll wait full Amber for ToB and it's gonna be the last time i'll finish BG2 with ToB ... been playing for almost 8 years and tryed almost everything =)

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Okay, you guys aren't settling for crumbs off the table. And that's good, I suppose. :( So, I browesed the Tob material, and the good news is that's there's more material ready than I thought and it's good for most parts. Dark but good. For SoA I threw to the bin so much soap!


The bad news is that there is still much to be written :D Gaps to be filled mostly, but still...

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Have to agree; take your time. I've been downloading updates as they happen, but I'm not going to play this mod until it includes ToB content. In the meantime I have much to keep me busy.

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Guest bdbg2

I just want to add my voice as another player looking forward to the TOB part of this great mod. Thanks for your continuing efforts for this "old" game: BG2 continues to provide more fun than most if not all of the new games with their fancy graphics.

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