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Area Modding Macros and Tutorials, by Qwinn


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I spent the last couple days writing a few macros that do a lot of the work of adding to .ARE files -for- you. I just posted the macros over at SHS... here's how I introduced it.


Just spent a lot of time writing these macros to help my own coding for the upcoming PS:T Fixpack and Unfinished Business, and I figured I'd share. I have modified several files with them.


One macro provides a lot of the offsets and stuff you generally need to look up in NI or IESDP and provides their values for you in consistently named variables for your use.


Another two macros will redo all the offsets and counters for you when adding any combination of new sections to a .ARE file with very very little work on your part.


Feel free to cut and paste this entire file and use it as an include in your programs. The comments within the file explain what it does and how it works.


Keep an eye here, because I hope to be adding a couple of macros that will allow you to edit the vertexes in an existing door, container or trigger, or add items to an existing container, hopefully within a day or two after I've worked the kinks out.





Check it out here:




And let me know what you think!



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I added the two macros that allow you to automatically modify the vertexes on an existing trigger, door or container. I'll add the macros to deal with items in containers on Monday.


If I need to for my project, I'll probably write up similar macros for other types of files, such as automatically resetting the offsets when adding effects to items.



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