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WeiDU Auto-update fails

Guest Jabor

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Guest Jabor

I'm trying to install the BG2 Tweakpack, after installing the fixpack and the "picks of the litter" portrait pack. The tweakpack extracts, cmd loads up, and I get the following repeated:


[setup-Picks_of_the_Litter.exe] WeiDU version 20400

Auto-Updating on behalf of [setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe]

Copying [setup-Picks_of_the_Litter.exe] -> [setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe]:

Auto-Updating on behalf of [setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe] (done)

[setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe] WeiDU version 20200

{Setup-bg2fixpack.exe} Queried (pid = 2904) version = 20400 query done.

Newest WeiDU is version 20400, updating!

WeiDU files in version order:

[setup-Picks_of_the_Litter.exe] version 20400

[setup-bg2fixpack.exe] version 20400

[setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe] version 20200

Copying [setup-Picks_of_the_Litter.exe] -> [setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe]: false


This repeats for a very long amount of times, before stopping with a "too many open files" error.


Anyone want to point out what I'm doing wrong?

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See here.

Or simply let WeiDU auto-update itself without installing anything. (Temporarily rename a setup-xxx.exe in weidu.exe, start it and rename back to setup-xxx.exe.)

Much thanks. I managed to figure out something like that myself. Thanks anyway :(



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