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Disclaimer: This FAQ contains minor spoilers. Also if you are the kind of person who is offended by the lack of usage of 'she' and 'her', then please replace 'him' and 'his' with the respective words and shut up, kthxbye


Q: What exactly is this Perils of Wisdom?

A: It`s a mod. ???


Q: I mean what does it do and add to BG2?

A: It is a quest mod mainly dedicated to players who play with spellcasters. Although the majority of the quests will be playable by any class, some of them are restricted to mages and sorcerers.


It adds a new way of getting to Spellhold, one beside the two official ones (Shadow Thieves and Bodhi) and the upcoming unofficial ones. This one involves being hired by the Cowled Wizards and completing tasks for them. It is possible climb up the ranks and receive various rewards from the organization, later on the PC being able to gain Spellhold as a stronghold, much like a combination between Mae`Var`s guildhall and the Planar Sphere.


Q: How related is this to the official Forgotten Realms information provided by Wizards of the Coast and TSR?

A: We aim to make everything we can as close to the official informations as possible. Yet the Cowled Wizards aren`t very detailed in the official books, therefore we will be adding various things invented by us.


Q: Is there a single plotline or will there be additional ways of finishing the main quest?

A: Currently the plan is to create three paths: good, neutral and evil, each of these paths holding different ways of ending the sidequests and the main one, but also unique ones.


Q: What are the differences between these paths?

A: Well the good player might try to combat the corruption that is surrounding the organization, whereas the evil one would be more interested in the profits being a member (and especially a high-ranked one) could bring. The neutral player might not care about these intrigues, he`d only be interested in finishing the quests in a neutral way, not giving in to either good or evil.


Q: How about the quests you are given by your superiors?

A: They will involve locking up 'deviants' into Spellhold (you will only get access to the stronghold once you both finish the mod`s main quest and get to Brynnlaw) and fulfilling various tasks given by your superiors. As you gain higher and higher ranks, your superiors will change, but your direct supervisor will be lady Varytha Gheldieg. Of course you will also get to encounter the leader of the cowled ones, Khollynnus Paac and the lovely Zallanora Argentresses.


Q: Does that additional way to Brynnlaw involve pirates and Saemon Havarian?

A: It is undecided at the moment. Probably not.


Q: How will the stronghold part be handled?

A: We aim to give and interesting addition to the already existing strongholds, giving the PC the possibility to manage Spellhold`s patients and dealing with some smaller quests which will inevitably come up.


Q: How do I return to Spellhold once I`m out of Brynnlaw?

A: You will be given an artifact similar to the Stone of Recall in Neverwinter Nights or the innate you are given in Throne of Bhaal which will allow you to teleport to the stronghold and back.


Q: Can I use that artifact as many times as I want?

A: This is undecided, but the answer is most likely no. You might require some components to successfully use the item, these components will be righteously scattered across the game.


Q: If I am a wizard and have already gained the Planar Sphere as a stronghold, will I be able to get Spellhold too? What about viceversa?

A: No and no.


Q: Will you guys add new areas?

A: It is unlikely, but we might. :groucho:


Q: What about other additions?

A: Some of them are kept secret and will most likely be kept that way, at least until the mod is officially released. We don`t want to spoil too much and we can guarantee that it will contain lots of surprises.


We are aiming for a little bit of connections to the Twisted Rune, Kangaxx and maybe the Red Wizards too. Please keep in mind that these are only vaguely planned, so they might not end up being implemented.


Q: Is it going to be WeiDU?

A: No, it`s going to involve overwriting files in your override directory and will contain a custom DIALOG.TLK file. The player will also need to manually edit various 2DA files and scripts to make the mod running, it is only going to be compatible with The Darkest Day.


Q: You are kidding, right?

A: Yeah. :( It`s going to be a WeiDU mod.


Q: Is there any other mod which adds another way to Brynnlaw?

A: Yes, I know about two upcoming mods: Noctural Supremacy by Forgotten Wars and Third Way by Limbo Modding.


Q: How compatible will this be with other mods?

A: Depends on how much we are going to collaborate with the authors of the respective mods. The main plan is to make it 100% compatible with all the Gibberlings Three mods, probably adding additional correlative content upon detecting if mod X is installed.


Q: Don`t you guys think you are dwelling into a sea too large for your own good?

A: Not really. :D While we aren`t experienced with modding, together with the extremely valuable help we are going to get from the community, things will be just fine.

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New questions asked by Galactygon.


1.) Since this is a mod specifically centered on wizards, will there be new spells?

I don`t think so; our aim is to make a quest mod and many (upcoming) mods offer new spells, so this isn`t really our concern.


2.) Will the cowled wizard encounters when spellcasting is restricted be changed?

No, they won`t.


3.) Is there a way to alter the path of whom you serve in case you mess up? Meaning that can you switch to the vampires/shadowthieves if you angered the superiors?

Yes, although this depends on how involved in the organization of the Cowled Wizards the player is. This will only be available during the first few quests, after that the shadow thieves will not help and the vampires will most likely be hostile. Please note that this is mainly undecided yet.


4.) Will the dialogue be PS:T (or RtW) style? Meaning that actions are portrayed outside of quotation marks, while the dialogues themselves will be written within quotation marks.

I cannot answer this question now, but I will come up with a poll for it later.

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I think it would be good to have some access to the stronghold in TOB because the expansion certainly lacks side quests so the answer will probably be yes on that one. Meaning that there would also be new quests aswell though I have no idea who the men sitting round a table at the end of SOA really are but they look like Cowled Wizards so there could be quests about them.

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