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Stuck with Renal


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Having a bit of a problem with Renal - I have spoken to him with my female PC and done the initial talks up to the point where he either tells me to find him, or my PC tells him to meet her in an inn and I have been to all of the inns in the city (Den of Seven Vales, the one next to it, Five Flagons, The Copper Coronet.) and he isn't there!


Help :D:(:D

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It was one of my favourites as well. Although maybe not quite as dangerous as Desharik...though I think the protagonist would have enjoyed Renal's attentions a bit more. :D



I adore Renal but my current fave is Bjornin, especially since Anomen now has something to say about it. :)

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Guest jastey*

Thank you, Ankhesenpaaten! I am sure Bjornin would find your compliment breathtaking. :)

(OK, OK, this innuendo was a bit forced.)

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I enjoyed Bjornin as well (though Anomen didn't say anything...perhaps because I left him some distance away when I went to speak to Bjornin). I found this encounter quite touching (er, no pun intended!)


I have to admit I burst out laughing at Anomen's reaction to the Coran encounter, or rather your excuse "but I feel so empty inside without my soul..." Ha ha ha. I have to say I really despise Anomen so I get a sadistic pleasure from torturing him with all these flings. :)

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Yes the pc's choice of excuses to Anomen had me laughing a lot and feeling guilty. It didn't stop my pc though, the romantic encounters were like chocolates. "Just one more and then I'll stop." Hmm....I didn't see that appear as an excuse. :)

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One of my protagonists was romancing three guys in a row and cheating at every possible opportunity. Finally, she set Kivan with Deheriana, Angelo with Jaheira, told Xan he needn't bother, spent a hot night with Cyric and became a god.


... it was a very hot playthrough.

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