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Guest DumbNewbie

Hi guys, I've got some really stupid newbie questions that I hope it's ok to ask...


If I just go ahead and download the stuff from sourceforge, what am I able to do straight away? Do I need to have Baldur's Gate files?


How feasible is it to develop customized player classes and races? I've done a fair bit of fantasy writing before, and I'd love to explore doing an RPG game, but I want to chop out all the AD&D bits. The gameplay I can live with, but I'd love to alter the content.


Do I need to be capable of doing character artwork? Or is that already built into the engine?


Please feel free to tell me how dumb I am if there's a FAQ on this somewhere. I won't take it personally. I just feel caught somewhere between the modders and you guys on this particular question.

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The engine itself doesn't contain any artwork, it always requires an existing game.

GemRB replaces 'ONLY' BGMain.exe (or IDMain.exe, etc).

If you want to build a NEW game, you will need to work a lot.

But, there are so many people who want to build a new game, you guys better team up.


The engine itself doesn't contain any hardcoded stuff about races.

This means, you can have as many races as you want (practically less than 30).

Classes are also somewhat flexible.

We just define class features, and a class is defined by enabling these features.

This part is not entirely implemented yet (not all class features work).

The AD&D part is also done as flexible as possible.

Though we still have a d20 roll.

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