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Possible virus attached to the installation?

Guest Digital Lyfe Form

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Guest Digital Lyfe Form

Hi all, I was downright worried when I tried installing "Sarah v1.2" (Setup-SarahSoA.exe) and out of the blues my Kaspersky anti-virus went medieval on me saying it's detected a virus called "Worm.P2P.generic". Here's it's page http://www.viruslist.com/en/viruses/encycl...orm_p2p_generic

pretty vague, huh. but I am alarmed all the same. KAV's version is the most current one and oddly enough, scanning the file I downloaded yields nothing.


This isn't the first BGII mod I had installed but it is the first to rouse the wrath of Mr. Kasper on my PC...


It could be a false alarm but i'd like to hear it from you guys to be sure, is the file Kosher?

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