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Anyone using Omega drivers with BG?


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What are your settings, particualrly, but not exclusive, an ATI card?


I just installed Omega version 4.8.442 (Catalyst 7.12) for XP and getting a really slow refresh rate that I can't shake via the ATI Tray Tool settings, nor thru changing the desktop rate. (Should have recorded my old settings before installing...)


I have a desktop rate of 60Hz; baldur.ini set to 40 Hz.


My OpenGL settings are:

Anti-Alias: 2x

Quality (vs. Performance)

Anisotropic: 2x

Texture: HQ

MipMap: HQ

Wait VSync: Always off

Triple Buffering: Off

Force Z Buffer: Disabled

Temporal AA: Disabled


I tried setting Refresh Override to both 'Same as desktop' and 'Disabled' and the rate is still slow.


Thanks for any leads.

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