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BG2TP V6: reboot on install!

Guest Gorlash

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Guest Gorlash

I'm running WindowXP Pro, SP2.

I've got a BGT1.05b (plus patch) install on my system. I also had installed BGFixpack V6, DSotSC V1.85 and TDD 1.12, plus a variety of smaller mods. As a final step, I attempted to install BG2_Tweaks-v6.exe - I typed in the SoA path when requested, it successfully extracted the files into that directory, opened a console (i.e. DOS) window to proceed, but before any messages could ever appear in the console, the computer rebooted!!


After reboot, I went back to the SoA directory, manually ran Setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe, and it ran to completion just fine, with no problems, and I'm now playing the game, which so far is functioning properly.


I was wondering if anyone else has seen this reboot issue?? I actually tried the tweaks install *twice*; after the first reboot, I deleted all the bg2_tweaks files from the SoA directory, re-downloaded the tweaks file from a different mirror, but had the same reboot experience. I don't see any other comments about this on the forum, so I don't know what to make of it. I wanted to at least let the group know about the event.

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