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Cannot get beyond the start of TOB - bug?

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I have just finished playing through the Kivan mod with SOA (and really enjoyed it) so I wanted to continue into TOB. I am not sure whether this problem is something to do with the mod or not, but I thought that someone on here might have possibly run into this before.


What happens is that I get to the place just past the very start where you and your party are transported to a place where the Solar speaks to you and then you talk to Sarevok. This is where the game goes wrong, as each time I speak to Sarevok I get the line 'So. You have finally arrived. I have been waiting for you' repeatedly and I cannot leave the area at all. I can talk to Cespenar, and can change party members, but can't progress...


The same things seems to also happen if I import a fairly late savegame from SOA into TOB.


As I said, I don't know whether it has anything to do with the mod, save that if I start up a completely new TOB game, I get the normal Sarevok dialogue and can continue. But then I can't recruit Kivan into my party as he's not on the list of NPCs if I do that...


Has anyone heard of this happening before, and if so, do you have any suggestions of a way to work around it?

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Ah, I think I've just spotted a workaround on the Bioware forums just after posting this. It seems if you kick a couple of party members (Imoen and Jaheira apparently, who I did have in my party) then talk to Sarevok, the dialogue triggers.


Weirdly, it didn't work unless I kicked _all_ members out save for Kivan - but all the original party members save for him had to go before I could initiate dialogue with Sarevok. So I now have a different party - but at least I've still got Kivan in it!

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Sounds like it could be some kind of problem getting the NPCs interjections in the dialogue to fire, or possibly the variable denoting that the conversation has happened not being set because of the interjections. It's ot something I've ever encountered, though obviuosly someone else has for a solution to be on the Bio boards.


Probably has little to do with Kivan, and may be related to your patch status, but Domi may know more.

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