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Creating/Editing IE Sprites


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Can anyone direct me to information on creating/editing BG/BG2/IWD sprites? Links to well-written tutorials and free (or affordable) tools would be appreciated. I've played with Morrowind models/texturing a bit but don't know where to start with IE sprites.



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By sprites, you mean the character/monster animations? To my knowledge, the only people who've done any serious editing of those are Moinesse and Erephine. AFAIK neither have written documentation about how to do it, but you might ask Erephine who is still around on SHS. Also AFAIK, there are no real tools that will help, other than BAM decomposing tools (BAM Workshop, DLTCEP) and graphics editors (PS, PSP etc.). You might also look up what Cuv has done at SHS as far as importing IWD, PST and NWN animations into BG2 - probably the only feasible way of coming up with new animations short of someone coming up with a 3D modeling tool that does all the sequences as per BG2 conventions.

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