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Wikaede Revisited v4.1 released!

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Wikaede Olveyn is a joinable LN male human Priest of Helm for BG2 SoA & ToB. He is not romanceable and has no issues that he bothers the PC with.


He currently features one banter with every Bioware NPC, a small friendship track with good/neutral Anomen, a new enchanted mace, several interjections, original voicing and a ToB portion. ToB is required to play this mod.


The mod started out as a One-Day NPC, and has been changed into Wikaede Revisited, since it's being expanded beyond its one-day roots. The latest version, and the first version after its conversion is version 4. Note that previous versions (up to version 3.4) are outdated.


Version 5 is currently under construction. It will contain more dialogue and a quest for Wikaede. Future improvements that I'm considering include a chatpack, revoicing, more quests, more dialogue and possibly more items.


Forum for Wikaede Revisited.

Download Wikaede Revisited version 4.

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I had to edit this topic, as making a new topic leads to a blank screen.


v4.1 of the cleric NPC Wikaede has been released. It contains changes, updates and several fixes:


Version 4.1:

-Updated to WeiDU version 207.

-Fixed a GLOBAL label oversight, where I had not used my registered prefix.

-Altered HP of the SoA .CRE to fit core rules.

-Altered HP of the ToB .CRE to fit core rules and increased Wikaede's level from 14 to 19, in order to match the levels of the other NPC's.

-Wikaede has a new portrait. His old portrait is included as an alternative.

-Some existing dialogue has been improved and/or rewritten.

-Because he's from a wealthy family, I gave him a family name: Olveyn.


Expanded dialogue, quests and other such updates have not been included, as they are not yet finished.


Wikaede Revisited forum

Download Wikaede Revisited v4.1

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