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Arcanum Graphics Patch


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Hi folks, apparently there is a graphics pathc *finally* in works for Arcanum




If someone runs accross screenshots before and after the patch is applied for the characters, please post! I am mainly curious if it affects the protagonist's and joinable NPCs avatars, as this what stopped me from playing the game for the first time. V.Excited that it might finally get corrected!

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As I understand it, it mainly affects animations, not graphics. That is, the sprite mirroring Arcanum used up till now to simulate a character turning around has been removed. Movement should look more natural, but the actual look of the models themselves has not been changed.

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For you, yeah, but not for me :crazyeyes:. The patch in question seems to fix many of the issues I had with Arcanum and its sometimes perplexing lack of attention to details (especially considering the attention to details it applied on other aspects). I might even play through the game again.


Also... actually changing out the graphics system for the avatars would be beyond a mod to do, I think. You'd need to reprogram the game engine, have artists develop new models... you'd need a team, and a big one, to pull that off.

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