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Multi-Player interest for BG1 and BG2?


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I was curious to see how much interest there is in playing these games multi-player. I realize that with all the mods out there, having a compatible version of the game will be difficult, but it would be possible to work it out. For instance, I have two versions of the game installed -- modded and unmodded.


The reason I'm asking is that I can get the two games added to a gaming server if there is enough interest. As it is, there's just GameSpy but I don't think too many people like the interface of it (not from my experience anyway).


Please vote in the poll linked below. If there's enough positive feedback, I'll go through with the idea and get it put on the server.



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I'd love to play Baldur's Gate multiplayer. It's something I've yet to experience but it certainly would be cool to have some real teamwork going on (the eSeries comes pretty damn close though).


Unfortunately Wine won't quite make it. It gets pretty close to starting a multiplayer game but not close enough.


I don't suppose anyone could, uh, pull some strings with those overworked, much-applauded Wine developers and get them to nail Multiplayer for IE games?

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Well, if you use the native directplay DLLs then you can play a solo multiplayer session. It breaks down with TCP/IP play though. I managed to get a game session to the stage where one computer would connect to the host. 'Player X has joined' will appear shortly followed by 'Player X has left' while the other computer freezes.


I'm not sure what's involved but if I can get that far I would hope it's only a bit of tweaking to get the whole thing going. I would do it myself except I know little to nothing of low-level programming.

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