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is align.ids correct in bg1?


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align.ids is different between bg1 and bg2.

align.ids uses 4 whereas alignmen.ids (and align.ids in bg2) uses 3.


align.ids is referenced by trigger.ids (used for the Alignment trigger).

But the Alignment trigger seems to be unused in bg1.

Is it working for chaotic/evil as advertised?

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Yeah, ALIGN.IDS in BG/TotSC is crap (AFAIK, it's just a stat comparator, and no creatures have these wrong values for alignment). The engine values for chaotic characters are in the correct 0x30 range, and evil characters correctly use 0xN3 (I think the only alignment checks in BG/TotSC are all object spec [] checks for MASK_EVIL, so it doesn't make any difference).

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